My Story

Welcome to Lolo Sōl! My name is Kris and I’m the woman in front of and behind the scenes of this high vibe operation. I created this business combining my passion for fashion, respect for the environment, love for all the animals, and practice of yoga.

It has been important to me from the start to create a company that has a purpose other than profit. In addition to running eco-friendly and spreading +vibes, it is my goal to use the success of my company to donate and raise awareness to charities and organizations that aid in animal rescue and rehabilitation, as well as the overall protection of animal rights.

I left my heart in Bali ❤︎ Currently 5% of proceeds are donated to the Bali Animal Welfare Association, BAWA. Bali has many animals in need of food, shelter, care, and medical attention. This organization provides all that and SO much more. Additionally, in collaboration with other animal welfare organizations, BAWA has successfully lobbied to develop regulations forbidding the sale and consumption of dog meat, poisoning dogs, and general cruelty of dogs. If you would like to know more about their efforts and how you can further help, please visit their website,

Thanks for sharing my vision and my journey!

Peace, Love & Light,