Double Terminated Quartz Crystal

lolo sōl

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Double Terminated Quartz Crystal
Double Terminated Quartz Crystal
Double Terminated Quartz Crystal

A Double Terminated Quartz allows energy to flow in either direction making it a great tool for creating balance and harmony between energy fields. 

Clear quartz can balance and purify the mind, body & sōl. It taps in to your Higher Self, protects against negative vibes, and amplifies its surrounding energy, as well as the energy you put into it.

This crystal is perfect to charge with your intentions to send them out into the Universe! Be sure to cleanse regularly to maintain its positive energy.

2.5" x 1.15"

You will receive exact crystal as shown :)

♡ A portion of your purchase is donated to an animal rescue to support all Sōls living happy & free 

 All orders are shipped out in reusable, recyclable packaging that is made from 100% recycled waste. Please recycle at your nearest plastic bag drop off :)

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