lolo sōl

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Raise your vibration and tune in to Divine Energy with this beautiful gemstone! Celestite promotes peace and balance within the mind body and soul. This stone is in connection with the higher spiritual realms and allows your inner wisdom to come through. It is also an activator of throat, third eye & crown chakra which can enhance your intuition and support you to speak your truth. 

This is the perfect crystal to place in your palm or near you while meditating and allow its energy to guide you. 

3.25" x 2"

You will receive the exact stone as shown :)

♡ A portion of your purchase is donated to an animal rescue to support all Sōls living happy & free 

 All orders are shipped out in reusable, recyclable packaging that is made from 100% recycled waste. Please recycle at your nearest plastic bag drop off :)

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