Sustainable Style Through The Seasons

Hello Beautiful Sōl!

We're mid Libra Season, welcoming in those fresh Fall vibes & aligning with the synergy of beauty, balance and harmony 


 Reducing your consumption, and rethinking the materials you wear when the time does finally come to replace your old threads, is a great and effective first step towards a sustainable wardrobe.

So while you may think you're overdue for a fashion overhaul, don’t fall into the fast fashion trap. Here are 3 easy tips to keep your style fresh from your own closet ~   

1. Make A Statement

Add your favorite statement pieces and spice up your style with warm accessories! My go-to’s include kimonos, denim jackets, scarves, zip up sweats, and my all time favorite Ahimsa beanie :)

2. Layer It Up

If you’re like me, when it comes to cooler temps there’s no such thing as too many layers. Add a longer tank to your favorite crop, long sleeves under tees, and oversized cardis are the perfect solutions for sweater weather!

Pro tip - Limit your layering to one bulky piece at a time for style and comfort :)

3. Don’t Leaf Your Summer Colors Behind ;)

Mix in darker tones with your lights to fit the Fall vibes. Dark denim jeans or leggings are great to balance a neutral color palette. And remember, you get to create your own rules! I personally like to dress like I’m at the beach no matter what climate I’m in :D

I’m a lifelong student to sustainable living and committed to sharing what I’ve learned along the way. Thanks for being part of the journey and sharing my vision and mission for a sustainable future!

♡ Peace, Love & All the Good Vibes,